These two are such a trip! They balance each other out perfectly, have a great sense of humor together and are so sweet. Those great attitudes helped a tonnn on their Wedding Day because guess what (dun dun dunn) it rained the whole time.  Is that a bummer, yes, I’m not going to sugar coat it. I know Darley was sad that her alter and ceremony had to be moved in. I know she was sad about the water that pooled on the brick floors. I know she was sad that it maybe didn’t turn out just how she had imagined. That’s ok! But ya know what; she had a smile on her face and she married her best friend. They shared a ‘first look’ despite the drops that fell. When it started coming down too hard we moved to the covered deck to knock out family portraits. The grand all moral of this story; they got married! Everything was still perfect! Everyone still partied and danced the night away! Things happen and you have to be open to change. I’m so thankful that Darley and Brian stayed positive even when things looked a little dreary. I’m so thankful for my couples that love each other beyond measure and know that THAT is the true meaning of a Wedding Day! I truly hope these two take me up on the offer of  ‘day after’ portraits; a chance to play dress up and get those perfect portraits (she said Brian’s suit is still in a ball in his car; here’s hoping we can change that ;) ) A few more pictures never hurt anybody, right ;)

Thank you guys for sharing your day with us and bringing the sunshine with your laughter and love!







































The Macons