Well honestly I think it’s safe to say this Wedding was exceptional–I loved every minute of it! We’re truly so blessed to work with such wonderful people and these two are definitely no exception. They’re beautiful inside and out–seriously, the sweetest couple ever! On top of them being utterly perfect for each other–I was amazed [...]

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Well as much as I was looking forward to this session and as much as I love this couple–I can’t take credit for the pictures! After a little pregnancy scare the day of the session, I was told bed rest was necessary until things were cleared up with an ultrasound the following day (all is [...]

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These two made the hike in from Alabama for their engagements! We were so worried about the skies dropping out during their session after they had just traveled such a long way–and were only in town until the following day–talk about stress! I’m so thankful that the rain held off until literally 5 minutes after [...]

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You know how sometimes you just ‘click’ with people?! Well that’s how it was with Ashley. I got the best vibe from her through emails– emails turned into sweet texts and when we finally met; I fell in love with her heart and genuine personality. I was so excited to see her unique Wedding ‘theme’ [...]

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This perfect day took place at the Chrysler Museum–my first time shooting at this venue! After passing through security and going through a maze of rooms filled to the brim with history, I finally made it to my beautiful bride! She was a vision, as I knew she would be! I had the pleasure of [...]

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I never really know where to begin when starting with these Wedding blog posts–I never want to be repetitive so I guess I’ll just have to start by saying Brian and I are incredibly lucky–because so often we’re blessed with a wonderful couple that we’ve fallen in love with and it’s safe to say, this [...]

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So, my last personal post was when I was 16-17 weeks and shared our Gender Reveal–which still seems surreal! I figured it was about time I shared another post as well as captured this belly which seems to be growing at an alarming rate I always share photos on my instagram account (littlewhale3) but it’s [...]

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The Dunlows|Family

As most of you know or have noticed, I have done away with family sessions, for the most part!  I learned my lesson last year when I overbooked and had problems saying no (I never want to turn anyone away, especially when they’re referred to me or are fans of my work–it’s such an honor!) [...]

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When I first met with Ashley and Lee, I knew we were in for it. Ashley is hilarious, ridiculously sweet and has such a zest for life and is as Type ‘A’ planner as it gets–which she probably filled me in on a million times at that initial meeting and the engagement session that followed [...]

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You may remember these two, beautiful sweetpeas from previous posts! I’ve been honored to have captured Anniversary sessions, ‘just because’ sessions, Holiday, ‘baby announcement’ and now their Maternity session (sadly, I was booked for their Wedding so we’ve been making up for it ) They aren’t clients, they’re friends, more than friends. I love them [...]

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