I truly don’t know where to begin when it comes to these two. I can honestly say, I’ve never met anyone like Malina and the amount of love that these two share for each other is overwhelming and inspiring. The moment I met them at our first consult I knew we were the perfect match–it [...]

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Cynthia+Chris|Gender Reveal

Last week I had the honor of capturing my sweetest friends Gender Reveal!! I cannot tell you how much fun an experience like this is! The anticipation, the love and excitement–it’s amazing! Brian and I went over for dinner and discussed the plans, I snagged the holy grail envelope that held their fate I stole [...]

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Busy season is officially here and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start it off! Mallory and John are perfect together.  They’re fun loving, laid back, care free and the point of their day was to have a blast–as it should be!  The man who married them was one of the best [...]

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I knew I loved Danielle just from her emails and she confirmed it when she walked in to my office with that love of hers–she’s adorable and they’re so incredibly sweet! She told me of how they met; in their teens while working at the Strawbridge movie theater,  Josh played his cards right and wound [...]

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Happy Birthday My Tyler Hope|Personal

Considering I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions lately, I felt it best to keep this as short and sweet as possible. It’s quite clear,  pictures are the way to my heart, memories are the key to my soul. I can’t think of a better way to share the story of my Tyler Hope’s [...]

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Cynthia+Chris|Plus one!

I couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to shout it from the roof tops–are dear friends are expecting their first little one, due in August!! Cynthia has become one of my great friends–she’s the one with the heart of gold, always willing to lend a helping hand, has a bright and genuine smile [...]

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My Valentines|Personal

Ok, so all of you know by now, I love any and all Holidays. I’m obsessed with any reason to be ‘festive’, to decorate the house, make happy treats, to go all out and most importantly–show LOVE to my family and friends! (and lets be honest, buy an overload of adorable outfits for my littlest [...]

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Moments with Sunday|Personal

I don’t know why I always consider Sunday my favorite day of the week…some people hate it because it means the next day is Monday, the dreaded workday devil.  Sunday is our ‘family’ day, no matter what. We’re so lucky to have most Saturdays filled with love and Weddings during busy season– so to us, [...]

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2013|Year in Review!

What a beautiful year it’s been!! It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my first blog post with you all on my shiny new website–which just so happened to be my 2012 year in review! Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun I can honestly say that this year has taught me so [...]

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Merry Christmas from The Macons!

I must say, I’m prettttty impressed with the fact that this blog post is coming before Christmas and not after…that’s a huge accomplishment coming from the procrastination and hustle and bustle that is my life! Now, did I send out Holiday cards, no. Epic FAIL!  Every year I tell myself I will and every year [...]

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