Virginia Beach Wedding|Hayley+Dylan

This Wedding was a dream and so was this couple. I know I say it often, but these two, they were just heavenly. Their love was magical, their hand holding never ceased, their sweet kisses came frequently and the smiles couldn’t be contained. They both come from such amazing families, filled with kindness and the [...]

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These two are such a trip! They balance each other out perfectly, have a great sense of humor together and are so sweet. Those great attitudes helped a tonnn on their Wedding Day because guess what (dun dun dunn) it rained the whole time.  Is that a bummer, yes, I’m not going to sugar coat [...]

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Sandbridge Engagements|Amber+Sean

I was so honored to be able to capture the love between these two! They were actually visiting just for the week; enjoying a family vacation in Sandbridge. Amber contacted me prior to coming and I’m so glad I was able to get them in for her dream beach engagement session! When I say this [...]

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First Landing State Park|Engagements|Erica+Michael

I had the pleasure of capturing these two lovebirds last week! It was a hot one, no surprise. But it was a beautiful night filled with love and laughter so that beat out any heat. This session was actually gifted to this lovely couple thanks to mutual friends (I hear she was a fan of [...]

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Manteo, NC Wedding|Amanda+Dillon

Any excuse to head to Nagshead is fine by me. I had the pleasure of capturing these lovebirds engagements in Manteo, not far from where they live!  They showed me the area where they’d be saying their ‘I do’s’, we shared our massive love of donuts (Duck Donuts to be exact) and had the best [...]

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First Landing State Park| The Washington Family

I don’t even know where to begin for this session! It started out as a maternity/family session–Ally emailed me and was just the sweetest thing and I couldn’t wait to meet her and that perfect bump. Ya know how you can just tell right off the bat when people are kind and good. That’s these [...]

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Seashore State Park|Va Beach Engagements|Alex+Zach

No, these two were not hired models. I repeat, they are not models. They’re just ridiculously sweet and beautiful and have the cutest love story that’s stood the test of time. They’re a ‘pinch me’ couple and unicorns in today’s world of love. High School sweethearts, which you knowww always get me (since my parents [...]

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First Landing|Ali+Jacob

These two are as kind as they are stunning.  I’ve had the honor of capturing Ali’s sister and family for years and we’ve become great friends so when she contacted me I was thrilled at the opportunity. The whole family is pure gold. Ali and Jacob don’t live here locally so I was humbled by [...]

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The Hermitage| Norfolk Wedding|Aden+Morgan

This was one of those ‘pinch me’ Weddings with a ‘pinch me’ couple at a ‘pinch me’ venue. When I first met with Aden and Morgan I fell in love instantly. Their kindness radiates, their love radiates. They’re just good, wholesome people. They’re that rare unicorn in the life of love; High School Sweethearts. Their [...]

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The Water Table|Kristin+Adam|Wedding

Consult, emails and chats, engagements, boudoir//So much fun leading up to this big day and I couldn’t wait for it! It didn’t disappoint. The sweetest, relaxed couple, so kind, so in love. The sun was shining and it called for rain that never came. They shared their ‘ I do’s’ in front of all their [...]

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