It’s that time again! The time where I get a little sappy, brag about my husband a little, or a lot and thank my lucky stars that we’ve reached the conclusion of another successful year of marriage. There are days when I cannot believe it’s only been a mere four years of marriage and seven [...]

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Happy Birthday My Tyler Hope|Personal

Considering I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions lately, I felt it best to keep this as short and sweet as possible. It’s quite clear,  pictures are the way to my heart, memories are the key to my soul. I can’t think of a better way to share the story of my Tyler Hope’s [...]

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My Valentines|Personal

Ok, so all of you know by now, I love any and all Holidays. I’m obsessed with any reason to be ‘festive’, to decorate the house, make happy treats, to go all out and most importantly–show LOVE to my family and friends! (and lets be honest, buy an overload of adorable outfits for my littlest [...]

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Moments with Sunday|Personal

I don’t know why I always consider Sunday my favorite day of the week…some people hate it because it means the next day is Monday, the dreaded workday devil.  Sunday is our ‘family’ day, no matter what. We’re so lucky to have most Saturdays filled with love and Weddings during busy season– so to us, [...]

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Merry Christmas from The Macons!

I must say, I’m prettttty impressed with the fact that this blog post is coming before Christmas and not after…that’s a huge accomplishment coming from the procrastination and hustle and bustle that is my life! Now, did I send out Holiday cards, no. Epic FAIL!  Every year I tell myself I will and every year [...]

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So as some of you may notice, I don’t do ‘personal’ blog posts often–there are a few reasons why…One being, it’s time consuming! It definitely takes awhile to put together a ‘legit’ blog post that isn’t filled with rambling and nonsense (so huge props to you intense style/life bloggers out there!) Two, playing off of [...]

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25 Truths

  I’ve seen these ’20 facts’ and/or ’25 Truths’ things floating around and have always been inspired by them–I wondered what I’d say, if I even had 25 truths. I’m not one to typically do these things but I must say, I enjoyed the thoughtful process! Here goes nothing! Lengthy nonsense–I should have also added [...]

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Happy Anniversary|Personal

Whelp–today marks three years being married to my best friend, my soul-mate, my other half, better half and love of my life! We’ve been to hell and back and have come out stronger, more appreciative and more in love each day. I truly don’t know what I did right in this world to gain the [...]

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Tyler Hope|Newborn Session!

We could not be more THRILLED with the FABULOUS job that Trisha Sheehan of Trisha Sheehan Photography did with our newborn session of our Tyler Hope!! She is by far the sweetest and most patient woman and her  passion and dedication shows through not only her work but during the lengthy process of the shoot.  [...]

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Our Tyler Hope|Delivery&Life!

Whelp, today was our Tyler Hope’s official due date!! Its so so hard to believe that we’ve already gone through the nerve wracking process of the C-section and she’s already become the center of our world!  In turn, she’s given us the best two weeks of our life so far. Our hearts are full and [...]

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