This is 30|Personal

Well, I made it to 30 years of age! That age that you think is ‘sooo old’ when you’re a mere teenager. The age where people start saying ‘well you don’t  loooook like you’re 30′. Well gee thanks, shew, I was concerned for a minute haha. In all seriousness, I have no issues with turning [...]

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Le Mew Baby|Personal

I love fashion, I love babies.  I love fellow MOMS that are grinding it out, chasing their dreams. And whatta ya know, I love photographhyyyy! It’s only a win win win win when you get to put all those things together. Tara, new owner of the shop Le Mew Baby, reached out to me and [...]

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The Macons|Year in Review|Personal

Hello hello and HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!  So, as you may have come to notice; I don’t stay on top of blogging when it comes to my personal life. Business/sessions, I’m on top of it, family, not so much. Let’s just say that’s a goal for 2016! In all honesty; the adjustment from one to two [...]

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The Sunshine Experience|Workshop!

The day has arrived!! Tickets for the Macons FIRST ever workshop are for sale! $50 off Early Bird Special to the first FIVE seats purchased! This will be a 6 hour learning experience for beginners and beyond held Sunday, August 16th! We will be going over natural lighting, hands on posing and demonstration. There will [...]

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Tyler’s Two|Personal

Well, as most of you guys have seen, my baby girl turned TWO!! I’m still trying to process it. Truth be told, we’ve joked that she’s been in her ‘terrible two’s’ since one but just the idea of saying ‘we have a two year old’ blows my mind. I swear I blinked and the years [...]

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2014|Year in Review!

What a beautiful year it has been!   There is no way to fully explain my love for these people and the gratitude I have for them entrusting us with their most precious day in life. Every Wedding day is different, every couple is different. Every ceremony is special in it’s own way, every touch [...]

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Christmassing in to 2015!

What a whirlwind year it’s been! Time passes so very quickly some times its hard to even catch a breath. I feel like we’re always so busy planning from one day to the next and one week to the next that we forget to sit and enjoy the actual minutes that pass. We’re always just [...]

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Macon Baby Number Three|Personal

Man, I don’t even know where to begin! I make it a lot harder on myself by waiting so long to post things–I procrastinate, everything builds up, I have so much to say but half of it I’m sure is pointless and as always, I’ll ramble on. The truth of it all though, is it [...]

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So, my last personal post was when I was 16-17 weeks and shared our Gender Reveal–which still seems surreal! I figured it was about time I shared another post as well as captured this belly which seems to be growing at an alarming rate I always share photos on my instagram account (littlewhale3) but it’s [...]

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Gender Reveal|Personal

Holyyyy crap it’s a BOY!!! I swear we’re still in shock over it! We’ve of course started referring to my belly as ‘he’ and ‘Nash’ and every time, without fail, Brian and I look at each other with this stupid grin and say ‘I just can’t believe it!’ Now, of course we heard from sooo [...]

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