These two cracked meee up!! We had been chatting via email for quite some time and I could tell Megan was my kind of girl–sarcastic and sweet, never takes life too seriously and knows how to have a good time I couldn’t wait to finally meet! We chose to do their session at Stoney’s Produce [...]

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Talk about the bubbliest, sweetest, cutest girl ever! Josh is cute and sweet as can be, too He just sits back and smiles, takes it all in and will clearly do anything and everything for the girl he loves. The way he looks at her makes my heart smile, not to mention it makes my [...]

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Well as much as I was looking forward to this session and as much as I love this couple–I can’t take credit for the pictures! After a little pregnancy scare the day of the session, I was told bed rest was necessary until things were cleared up with an ultrasound the following day (all is [...]

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These two made the hike in from Alabama for their engagements! We were so worried about the skies dropping out during their session after they had just traveled such a long way–and were only in town until the following day–talk about stress! I’m so thankful that the rain held off until literally 5 minutes after [...]

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These two are absolutely beautiful, inside and out! They were truly like a breath of fresh air. So sweet, so in love, so easy to work with. I gave them several options as far as ‘location ideas’ for their session and it turns out, their family and friends reside in Chesapeake–so what better way to [...]

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I knew I loved Danielle just from her emails and she confirmed it when she walked in to my office with that love of hers–she’s adorable and they’re so incredibly sweet! She told me of how they met; in their teens while working at the Strawbridge movie theater,  Josh played his cards right and wound [...]

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I seriously couldn’t wait to blog these images of this couple–the sweetest, so giddy and so IN LOVE! Malina and Vinny came to my office to meet and I swear it was love at first sight; you know when you just click with people?! I loved hearing of their relationship and chatting about her plans [...]

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What can I say, I luck out with THE most gorgeous clients!!! I just love their style and I love how in love they are! They only dated for a short period of time before Sean whisked her away to a winery and popped the question–he knew he hit the jackpot when he met Maria, [...]

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I loved these beauties and their perfect engagement session!! I appreciated the fact that they put thought in to choosing their location and it had a special meaning to them and their relationship–it makes all the difference in the world!! They chose Down town Norfolk because they have an adorable place in the center of [...]

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