We’re a husband and wife photography team, based out of Virginia. He loves Technical, I love artistic. He loves direction, I love creativity. He’s type ‘A’ personality and I’m type ‘B’ and together, we make the perfect photography team! We met in college, fell in love–and I mean fell hard (we’re talkin’ two days and we said our ‘I love you’s'). The happiest day of our lives took place on the perfect May day, 2010 where we said our ‘I do’s’ and we’ve been balancing each other out ever since! He’s my other half, my better half, in every way. Shortly following, we created the love of our life, our daughter, Aubri Lynn. She is now our most perfect angel in heaven, looking down on us while bringing us peace and reassurance with every bright, sunshiny day. Her precious life, though unbearably brief, impacted everyone who was blessed enough to encounter her beauty. She brought new meaning to the word ‘love’ for us and I know that I am a better person in every aspect because of her time in my life. She reiterated ten-fold how important something as simple as a photograph is. I will cherish our memories forever and cling to those we were lucky enough to capture. We will continue to follow our dreams as parents; as we just welcomed our beautiful blessing, Tyler Hope, who was no doubt sent to us.  We’re honored to share in your most memorable and cherished moments, we’re honored to capture ‘life as you know it’ in turn making our dreams come true, one click at a time.


Briana Macon

Me! I believe that happiness along with smiles are contagious, so let your smile shine bright every day! I LOVE donuts, iced coffee, cupcakesss and lazy days watching Law&Order SVU re-runs. The beach is my sanctuary and sunshine is my soul mate. I've been blessed with the best group of girlfriends a lady could have!

I LOVE being able to share this dream with my husband and I must say, flirting with the sexy, second shooter is an added bonus ;) My family comes first, I'd be lost without my parents--they're high school sweethearts and have set the tone for true love; in every way, I admire and adore them.

My passion is beauty, in every sense of the word. There is beauty in everything; you just have to find it! I’m a fun-loving, hopeless romantic. I live to laugh and love to live--and I laugh a lot, loudly :) I try to make your time with me as carefree and natural as possible--It’s important to have fun with it and let your personality shine through! I’m very hands on and will always take charge with direction and posing, all you need is your love and a smile (before you know it, perfect candids will appear).

I love natural light, vibrancy, vintage vibes, and SUNFLARE! Essentially--I love capturing memories that will last a lifetime. It’s truly an amazing job; it suits my lifestyle, my personality and it continues to make my dreams come true every day.

Brian Macon

Hello MP Fans! I'm the second shooter/assistant/mule of this business, and I'm never afraid to admit she's the boss. I'm a water boy through and through having been on some sort of board since I learned to crawl. Surfing, skimming, snowboarding, and flying remote control helicopters can keep me entertained for life. It may have taken some time to realize it, but photography has played a more intimate role in my life longer than any of these things.

From the moment I was born my mother had a camera in my face. Every time I turned around she would yell, "Say cheese Brian!" So I would smile and not think twice about it. Little did I know she was capturing the key to our hearts; our memories. I have learned and relearned the absolute importance of pictures, and that they are the most valuable possession I own.

I love sharp images where the colors pop out, and the blacks never end. I love images that can freeze the happiest instances in our lives, allowing us to live and breathe that moment again. I love being able to shoot with the most amazing woman in the world. The rush from getting a perfect shot will forever draw me closer to achieving my goals as a photographer, as well as a person. I am eternally grateful to have pictures in my life, and it is my sole ambition to share that gratitude. If you will always remember to smile and enjoy the next time someone takes your picture, then life's greatest memories will follow you perpetually.